Girls play in pairs - release party

Welcome to the release party for the Girls Play in Pairs Project!
We proudly present a joint publication with works by the six artists of the project. Come and celebrate the release with us at bio Aspen!
Tuesday November 23
Bio Aspen, Hägerstensvägen 100A
18.00 Mingling
18.30-20.00 Presentation of the project
Contributing artists:
Alva Willemark
Anita Kaya
Anna Jakobsson
Marta Forsberg
Anna Knutas Blomquist
Sybrig Dokter
Graphic design:
Elsa Paulson
Edith Hammar
Gå Dit Det Känns ek. förening
Girls Play in Pairs (Flickor leker två och två) is a collaborative artistic research project which aims to explore the supportive pair relationship affidamento (entrustment) as a feminist working model for making and presenting art. In the project six artists – three pairs –have explored affidamento as a starting point for working together. We have collaborated over the generational borders and each pair consists of one artist born in the 1980’s and one born in the 1950’s or 1960’s. In various ways, we have explored our perceptions of history through the exploration of six different archives.
Alva Willemark (SE) is a contemporary artist and performer based in Stockholm.
Anita Kaya (AT), is a choreographer, performer and curator, based in Vienna.
Anna Jakobsson (SE), is an artist-researcher and producer working in the performing arts.
Marta Forsberg (SE), is a composer, sound artist and musician working within the field of installation art and electronic music.
Sybrig Dokter (SE) is a choreographer and performer in the field of contemporary dance, visual arts and contemporary theatre.
Anna Knutas Blomquist (SE) is a fashion designer based in Stockholm.
More information about the project:
With support from the Swedish Arts Committee/Kulturbryggan.

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